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Nedseis Geo Consultancy is a technical company specialized in organizing and providing consultants for all your exploration prospects.

Nedseis provides well known, highly skilled experts for your oil and gas projects world wide. We supply a wide variety of field tested industry consultants with a focus on Seismic QC Professionals and Project Managers. Also we can supply you with all types of high quality state of the art seismic equipment, as a one stop shop.

Our Services
Nedseis Geo Consultancy looks for special business relationships with you as a client and us as contractor, that provide especially successful completions for all your prospects.

By keeping up with new industry trends, our main goal is to work with you to plan your long or short term supervision schedules so you have the onsite coverage necessary to bring in what you require.

Land Seismic Acquisition

Successful land seismic operations require reliable technology, as well as local experts who have a detailed understanding of local conditions and constraints. Nedseis Geoconsultancy, our consultacy breadth of experience, global coverage, safety and environmental practices, and technology are unsurpassed. These strengths enable us to provide our clients with optimum results, delivered on time, with the least risk to people, the environment, or the operation.

Heli Portable Seismic Acquisition

"Heli-Portable Seismic" is the movement of seismic equipment typically via a long line attached to a helicopter; crews are flown separately to support this equipment. This type of operation requires highly skilled and the full attention of pilots, but over the past two decades has proven to be the safest and most efficient method of conducting seismic operations in remote and complex locations. Flying personnel and equipment allows our customers to be much more efficient and cost effective with time and equipment in rough terrain or where vehicles have limited access, minimizing operational risk. Consultants from Nedseis Geo consultancy has been involved in Heli-portable Seismic/Data acquisition operations since its inception from front end through drilling and data recording of 2D and 3D difficult programs.

Marine Seismic Acquisition

Nedseis Geoconsultancy offers marine seismic using technical consultants for marine seismic acquisition technologies and innovative acquisition techniques. A variety of survey techniques are available to address specific survey and imaging objectives. Each proposed project involves survey evaluation and design where we take into account the geophysical and geological challenges in collaboration with the operator.

Our Services

Our People

Our consultants are carefully selected by our team of in-house recruiters, who have many years of high level field experience.

Consultants are hand selected and interviewed to specifically match the services you require, offering you the best in industry standards and ideal customer / client performance outcomes.

In essence projects that are SMART:

  • • Specific – meet your goals
  • • Measurable – assessed against your target goals
  • • Achievable – goals that have real world positive outcomes
  • • Relevant – stay within the scope of the project, and
  • • Timed – on time/in time projected outcomes

Meeting Your Specific Seismic Needs:

  • • Project Managers
  • • Seismic Operation Supervisors
  • • Seismic field QC acquisition
  • • Survey and Navigation QC
  • • VSP Specialists
  • • Data Processing QC and supervisors
  • • Seismic Modelling Services and Specialists
  • • Interpreters
  • • Microseismic specialists
  • • Wireline Specialists
  • • Land Node Technical Specialists
  • • Interpretation QC
  • • Up-hole drilling supervisor
  • • Marine Mammal Observers and Pam Operators
  • • CSEM specialists
  • • Driving instructors
  • • Security and risk consultants
  • • Land transport advisors
  • • Pre-scouting services and risk analysis for upcoming exploration seismic projects.

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